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When the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 received presidential consent in January 2005, anabolic steroid for sale and possession became subjected to provisions, whereby any attempt to possess and use the substances without a medical prescription is tantamount to committing a federal crime. This act, as it comes into effect, amends the earlier Controlled Substance Act to place both anabolic steroids and pro-hormones on the list of controlled substances.

There is an element of doubt as to how anabolic steroid for sale on Internet is viewed in the eyes of law. The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) clarifies that there must be a bona fide doctor patient relationship for the sale to take place

It is therefore evident that whether on Internet or in person, a doctor's prescription is an absolute must to possess anabolic steroid, for sale of which the seller has to similarly conform to conditions laid down in the act.

In most opinions, anabolic steroids are considered dangerous and deadly. Shaping up of such concern has happened in course of mainstream media's vilification for several decades. The situation is such that an average American today views anabolic steroids in the same eye as cocaine or heroin.

There is good amount of studies that confirm the steroid's utility for patients who need them. But, given the furor that results each time there is a case of supposed abuse of anabolic steroid, and given the fact that law enforcers proceed with same zeal in such cases as they do for cocaine or heroin abuse, there is no doubt that doctors are increasingly apprehensive of suggesting the drug even if they feel it necessary for patient.

To that extent, and for betterment of patients' condition in dire need, the time has perhaps come to have a re-look at the whole scenario. It is nobody's gain if, except the most aggressive physicians, the doctors refrain from prescribing the drug, fearing that once they do, it would be equivalent of granting anabolic steroid for sale in wrong hands.

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