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Type in the phrase 'anabolic steroid supplier' in your favorite search engine, you are likely to be inundated with hundreds of thousand search results. This may perhaps give the impression that the drug is easily available off the shelf. Nothing however is further from the reality.

The US Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 clearly prohibits sale and possession of anabolic drugs except in circumstances where a registered doctor has specifically prescribed its need. At the same time, the law holds no ambiguity in so far as getting it from anabolic steroid supplier abroad.

It is amply understandable keeping the provisions of the law in mind that if any attempt is made to ship in anabolic steroid from sources in other countries to anyone other than an importer who is registered by US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), such a transaction is treated as committing a felony. With that in perspective, it can be said that suggestions like one can have it from anabolic steroid supplier abroad have no basis whatsoever.

Contrary to what one may believe, anabolic steroids are results of sophisticated pharmaceutical processes. They can be made only by large pharmaceutical companies, which are either legitimate producers, or else, underground laboratories with large overheads.

In cases where the production is illegal, there are often chances that the drug quality, not having to conform to any standard, is questionable or perhaps dangerous. Then again, many anabolic steroids still in wide use are basically for veterinary purposes. Which means that possibly illegal anabolic steroids are actually veterinary grade.

In the 90s many US companies such as Ciba, Searle and Syntex have stopped making the drug, possibly because of increased public questioning due to its widespread abuse. However, in many other countries, notably those in Eastern Europe, anabolic steroids are produced in large quantity.

One suspects that drugs produced in east European countries find their ways in US, albeit mostly illegally. With the stake against it so high, isn't it wise for the sake of health not to trust just another anabolic steroid supplier?

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