How to Exercise Together: a Full Guide

How not to skip workouts? You just need to cooperate with a girlfriend. It is much more interesting and more effective to do together than separately. Then the competitive spirit will help you do a couple of repetitions more. Here are the recommendations that will help you master the art of mutual assistance in fitness.

Help, but don't interfere

The main task of a partner is to prevent injury, which most often happens when performing the last, most difficult, repetitions in the set. You should slightly spot each other. Sometimes a partner is needed for the so-called forced reps when you are no longer able to independently overcome the entire amplitude of the repetition. Here a partner assumes the necessary share of the weights and you "finish" 2-3 final repetitions by joint efforts.

Safety comes first

The key to safety is the correct technique for doing the exercise. A good partner knows this technique and monitors possible mistakes from the side. But if you have never worked together before, ask your instructor for advice. Before the start of the set, check the position of the girlfriend's body, the evenness of her posture and so on.

The right support technique

In order to help a partner (and not interfere), you need to know the correct support technique. Try to keep your help unobtrusive and not distracting from the rhythm. If you play the role of a "helper", stand as close as possible to your partner. Focus in order not to miss the moment of danger. Adopt a comfortable stable position. Bend your knees slightly.

The plan is important

It is best to engage in one program. Weight can be different but let the exercises be the same. When both of you act according to the same plan, it is easier for each of you to maintain a high intensity of training. Training is a serious moral obligation. You can be late for dates, but you must come to the gym on time. If you are forced to be late due to unforeseen circumstances, be sure to warn your girlfriend about it. Then, instead of waiting for you, she will be able to start training on her own.

The art of communication

A perfect partner is also a like-minded person. If you and your girlfriend are able to spend hours discussing the details of the past training session and arguing about the nuances of the deltoid muscle training, congratulations: you are lucky. If your partner doesn't pay enough attention to you and the whole process, don't be silent! Directly ask her to perform her duties faithfully. If it didn't work, change your partner! Inattention can result in injury.

Less talk, more work

Nothing harms training like idle chatter. Agree in advance that you will talk only about exercises. Before the exercise, tell your partner about your weak points and discuss the number of repetitions beforehand. Point out the riskiest phase of the exercise. However, if you are acting as an observer, your goal is to constantly encourage, cheer, and inspire. Don't forget to praise a girlfriend: she, of course, tries for herself, but she needs encouragement very, very much.

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