Steroid Cycles

People who take anabolic steroid follow a pattern of usage, commonly referred to as anabolic steroid cycles. The objective of following such routine is usually two fold. One, users opt to take the drug in sporadic pre-determined intervals so as to minimize side effects. Secondly, the dosage is so designed as to accelerate the chance of meeting the end result sooner than otherwise.

Terms like ‘cycling’, ‘stacking’ and ‘pyramiding’ refer to common techniques used as part of anabolic steroid cycles. They are briefly explained below:


Cycling is the pattern of usage in which multiple doses of a particular drug are scheduled over a specific period of time, stopping thereafter for some time and then resuming the same routine again.


Stacking is similar to cycling but differs from it in the sense that while cycling involves one type of drug, stacking usually involves two or more different anabolic steroids, mixing oral and/or injectable types, and sometimes even including compounds that are meant for veterinary use. Stacking is resorted to in the belief that two or more steroids will produce more pronounced effect than each drug taken individually. This theory has not however been tested scientifically.


In this case, user will start at a low base, slowly escalating the dosage with time by either increasing the number and frequency of a single drug or doing so with multiple drugs till the pinnacle is reached half way, whereupon the dosage is progressively reduced to ultimately bring it to zero. As can be seen, pyramiding is an offshoot of either cycling or stacking though the usage pattern differs from both. Users typically pyramid their doses in cycles of 6 to 12 weeks.

Steroid users, even as they attempt to enhance performance or boost muscle size, are aware of its dangers. And so, they prefer anabolic steroid cycles spaced out and planned in such a way that danger to overall health can be minimized. In addition, they do increasing cardiovascular exercise or go for post-cycle therapy (PCT) to combat side effects.

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