Tips on How to Find a Girl at the Gym

A gym is a perfect place for acquaintances as there are always a lot of beautiful slim girls and strong men. In order for a man to choose competent tactics of behavior on how to find a girl in the gym with the prospect of further relationships, he needs to adhere to the recommendations of psychologists and masters of seducing. If a man wants to get acquainted with a sports girl, there is no need to look for her on the Internet. It can be done in the gym.

1. Say compliments

The first thing to start with is a compliment on the girl's sporting achievements. But this praise must be natural, and not in the form of flattery and adulation. Here is a sample list of phrases for the beginning of the conversation:
. "I would never have broken up with my ex-girlfriend if she squatted like you";
. "Doesn't your boyfriend resist such a long training in the gym? You don't have a boyfriend?! It is fixable";
. "You have simply unrealistic abs. Have you tried steroids? Not? I would like to have such genes...";
. "You can set an example for many girls who don't consider sport a women's hobby";
. "I don't understand why you work so hard when your body is so perfect?"

2. Help her

As a rule, girls don't know how to train right, do useless exercises or grossly violate the technique. In this case, you just need to come up and suggest as if you have known her for 100 years. It is very important to do this with a kind expression on your face, and not with the face of an experienced man. Then you can talk on the topic of training. After that, if you are not stupid, you will understand how much a girl is disposed to communicate and whether you should try to continue it outside the gym.
You can help disassemble a machine if it is hung with heavy weights and a girl wants to work out on it. Don't stay still and wait for someone to ask you. It is necessary to look out for an "aim" and then suddenly appear in the right place at the right time as if you are a partisan. Once again, you have to try to develop communication on the topic of training, nutrition and recovery after training!

3. Show yourself

In the case when a girl is very athletic and independent, the second point doesn't work for you. If your bicep size is not bigger than hers, the chances of becoming her boyfriend are greatly reduced, but you need to try! You can ask for advice on some exercises that she performs. It is very important to show your extreme interest in training and progress. If everything is good with your bicep size, you can come up with a compliment and try to talk about training on an equal footing (or about anything else if the situation allows).

4. Be interested in her

If a girl performs some kind of exotic exercise, this is a great reason to approach and ask about it. In this case, there are two options: either a girl knows perfectly well what she is doing and will tell you what, where and how to do it or she will turn red and admits with shame that she herself doesn't know what the hell she is doing. In this case, return to the tips of paragraph #1.

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